The A-Blast

2018-2019 Staff

Jude Nanaw

Co-Editor in Chief

Senior Jude Nanaw is the current Co-Editor in Chief of The A-Blast. He has been on staff for four years where in previous years he has held the positions of Sports Editor and Sports X-tra Editor. In school, Jude is the President of the Social Studies Honor S...

Kimberly Laura

Co-Editor in Chief

Senior Kimberly Laura is currently the Co-Editor In Chief. This is her fourth year in The A-Blast; she was previously the In-Depth editor. In the fall, Laura is also the color guard captain in marching band. On her free time, she studies and goes out...

Casey Nguyen

Managing Editor

Senior Casey Nguyen is in her fourth year on  The A-Blast as the Managing Editor. She was previously an In-Depth Editor. She is also the current treasurer of Social Studies Honor Society and the secretary of Mission Possible and Annandale Bible St...

Victor Nguyen


Victor Nguyen is the current webmaster and on his second year of the A-blast. He participates in many clubs, such as Key Club, FBLA, and TSA and he also runs hurdles for track and field. In his free time, he likes to read comics and watch anime.

Thomas Ray

Copy Editor

Senior Thomas Ray is a copy editor and this is his first year with the A- Blast. Thomas has been a law enforcement explorer for three years. When he is not working on his college applications, he likes to cook, keep up with politics, and play with his...

Ethan Zimmerman

Circulation Manager

Ethan Zimmerman is on his third year on The A-Blast. He is currently the Distribution Manager and was previously the Sports Editor. He plays baseball for Annandale high school and on his travel team. He also enjoys eating food, and hanging out w...

Luke Elkins

Editorial Editor

Senior Luke Elkins is in his 3rd year in the A-Blast. He has previously been a staff writer and sports editor. He plays varsity soccer and plays soccer for Villarreal Virginia Academy. He also swims during the summer for Forest Hollow. ...

Elias Moura

Editorials editor

Senior Elias Moura is one of the editorials editors for the A-blast. This is his 2nd year on staff and enjoys watching everyone argue and loves the environment in the room. He plays lacrosse and likes the Patriots. In his free time, he enjoys spending...

Ayman Elhag

Entertainment Editor

Senior Ayman Elhag is in his first year of journalism. He also participates on the varsity football team and varsity indoor and outdoor track alongside other activities like muay thai boxing. He is in leadership and is excited for his senior year as a...

Matthew Dinh

Entertainment Editor

Senior Matthew Dinh is entering his first year as an entertainment editor for the A-Blast. He enjoys playing lacrosse and loves traveling. He is into streetwear and collecting sneakers as well.

Cameron Foti

Entertainment Editor

Senior Cameron Foti is the Entertainment editor for The A-Blast and this is his fourth year on staff. Cam swims on the swim and dive team and is the Captain of the lacrosse team. In his free time he likes to play sports and hang out with friends. He also...

Christian Reyes

Entertainment Editor

Senior Christian Reyes is currently the Entertainment Editor of the A-Blast. This is his second year on staff, and second year as an editor. Aside from A-Blast, he is on the lacrosse team, and on various honor societies. When not in the pub lab, he is...

Katie Pope

Weekend Editor

Senior Katie Pope is the weekend editor of the A-Blast and this is her third year on staff. She was previously a staff writer, photographer, and photo editor. Through school she participates in field hockey, swim, and lacrosse. She also is a part of the Engli...

Manny Precht

Health Editor

Junior Manny Precht is in his first year with the A-Blast as a health editor. He hopes that he will make an impact this year for the A-Blast. In school, he participates in clubs such as the Green Atoms and plans to join more such as the Social Studies...

Suad Mohamed

In-Depth Editor

Junior Suad Mohamed is currently one of the In-Depth Editors and this is her third year on staff. Besides The A-Blast, she partcipates in many other clubs and honor societies. In her free time, she enjoys watching tv and reading. 

Henry Hoang

In-Depth Editor

Sophomore Henry Hoang is one of the In-Depth Editors for The A-Blast. This is his second year on The A-Blast. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his friends or sleeping. He also likes playing sports and watching movies. His favorite movies are...

Galilea Sejas

Arts Editor

Senior Galilea Sejas is the Arts Editor for The A-Blast and this is her second year on staff. She is an IB Diploma candidate and is fortunate enough to be the president of both the International Thespian Society and National English Honor Society. In the l...

Yabi Bereket

International Editor

Senior Yabi Bereket has been on the A-blast for four years. This year, she is the International Editor and has previously been editor for the Lifestyles page as well. She participates in other clubs such as Filament and Bible Study. She hopes for a good...

Jessica Salisbury

Photo Editor

Senior Jessica Salisbury is currently the Photography editor for the A-Blast. This is her fourth year on the staff. She also spends a lot of her time playing different sports such as basketball and softball for AHS. In her free time she enjoys spending...

Alex Burita

Sports Editor

Sophomore Alex Burita is in his second year on the A-Blast staff. He is currently the sports editor who runs track and cross country. In his time of leisure, he enjoys reading, running, and hanging out with friends.

Erik Rivas

Sports Editor

Sophomore Erik Rivas is a Sports Editor on The A-Blast. This is his second year on staff and his first year as a Sports Editor. He likes to play soccer and video games and running. In his free time he likes to hangout with his friends and go on bike ride...

Adam Shawish

Sports X-tra Editor

Freshman Adam Shawish  is the Sports X-tra Editor on the A-Blast. This is his first year on staff. He is involved with the Annandale Marching Atoms, men's chorale, and other clubs. Adam likes spending his free time playing music and biking. In the...

Khadija Ahmed

Academics Editor

Sophomore Khadija Ahmed is in her second year in The A-Blast as an academics editor. She is in Key Club, Math Honor Society, Model United Nations, and was previously vice president of the freshman class. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, and...

Frances Montevilla

Spanish Editor

Junior Frances Montevilla is starting her first year on staff for the A-Blast.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Atoms Writing Center, and Girl Up. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, dancing Bolivian...

Abubakr Elsadeg

Head Photographer

Senior Abubakr Elsadeg is the current Head Photographer for The A-Blast newspaper. He has been on staff for one year and is currently working with a variety of musical artists as a concert photographer. He has worked with the likes of many established...

Ladan Abdi

Staff Writer

Ladan Abdi is a sophomore in her first year of Journalism as a staff writer. She very much enjoys writing and biking. She also likes to draw but not so good at it. During most of her free time she is either binge watching shows or on her phone, she love...

Thonny Anwar

Staff Writer

Sophomore Thonny Anwar is a first year staff writer for The A-Blast. She spends a lot of her time babysitting and eating ice cream. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends and go to the mall. Her dream job is being a doctor and she wants...

Eyob Dagnachew

Staff Writer

Sophomore Eyob Dagnachew is on his first year on the A-Blast and hopes to make it a good one. Other than the A-blast he is a Tutor for younger kids on the weekends and is a part of Key Club. Outside of school he enjoys ...

Jane Elkins

Staff Writer

Freshman Jane Elkins is currently a staff writer for the A-Blast. This is her first year on the A-Blast. Jane enjoys to play sports and hang out with friends in her free time. She swims on forest hollow swim team during the summer, play...

Jasmin Harris

Staff Writer

Sophomore Jasmin Harris is in her first year of Journalism. She is a talkative person when she talks about a topic she is interested in, but normally she is quiet. Jasmin loves to free write poetry and walk outside often for inspiration of her writings...

Wenslie T. Kodua

Staff Writer

Wenslie T. Kodua is a Sophomore and is on her first year in the Ablast. ,she has an interest in cooking, fashion and dancing.She is the president the majorette club, also known as they are Atoms Finest Atelets (A.F.A). She is determined to make speci...

Marian Osman

Staff Writer

Sophomore Marian Osman is in her first year in A-Blast. She spends a lot of her time playing sports such as, volleyball and basketball for Annandale High School. On her free time she likes hanging out with her friends, sleeping, watching Netflix show...

Ivanna Perez

Staff Writer

Ivanna Perez is a junior this year at AHS and this is her third year on staff. She has been a staff writer for two years and a lifestyles editor one year. She is on the varsity cheer team and fun fact, is vegetarian. She loves to watch Disney movies an...

Tyler Plank

Staff Writer

Freshman Tyler Plank is currently is a first year on the A Blast who went to Holmes Middle School. In his free time he plays baseball and listens to music.

Eman Jaradat

Staff Writer

Senior Eman Jaradat is entering her first year as a Staff Writer for the A-Blast. She loves playing basketball and watching hockey. Her favorite hockey team is the Washington Capitals. Her favorite subjects are history and biology, as she intends on ...

Abel Samson

Staff Writer

Senior Abel Samson is entering his first year as Staff Writer for the A-Blast. He plays Varsity Football and Lacrosse for Annandale High School. He enjoys reading, spending time with family, and hanging out with his friends at the plaza.

Dilan Yousif

Staff Writer

 Dilan Yousif is in her first year on the A-blast as a staff writer. In her free time she likes to watch Netflix, hang out with friends and family, and go shopping. She loves watching TV shows, her favorite show is The Office. She chose journalis...

Patrick Brown

Staff Writer

Senior Patrick Brown is a staff writer for the A-Blast. He is entering his first year of journalism. He plays lacrosse on the varsity lacrosse team and also plays travel hockey. In his free time, he enjoys cooling it with friends.

Mia Antezana Garcia

Staff Writer

Sophomore Mia Antezana Garcia grew up in Bolivia and went to a music school there called Laredo. She plays the cello for the Artiste-Orchestra. This is her first year with the A-blast and she loves it. In her free time, she enjoys reading book...

Fatima Mohamed

Staff Writer

Senior, Fatima Mohamed is on her first year in A-blast. She enjoys going to the gym and staying home and sleeping.She work a lot outside of school. In addition, she plans on majoring psychology after high school.

David Solomon

Staff writer

Senior David Solomon Is in his first year in the A blast as a staff writer. Some of his hobbies are playing soccer, watching Narcos and eating pizza. He plays on a travel soccer team. His favorite subject is history. He is a new student to Annandale High...

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