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Talkin' with Thonny - A scared IB student
Thonny Anwar, Academics Editor • February 23, 2021

Dear Thonny, I was really relieved to hear that IB exams were canceled, but now I’m stressed again. Since my IB score is now only based on my internal assessment and the predicted grade my teacher gives me, I’m worried I’m not going to end up getting a...

Teachers find ways to modify testing for virtual learning
Teachers find ways to modify testing for virtual learning
Daniela Dosen, Staff Writer • February 23, 2021

In a school year where we are not all in the same building, students have struggled to understand the curriculum and have had to take responsibility for their own education. “It is harder to focus,” freshman Jana Russel said. “You can’t really communicate...

Former Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins is under center getting ready for a play. Haskins was cut towards the end of last year
Students predict the Washington Football teams offseason moves.
Andrew Nields, Staff writer • March 2, 2021

On February 7, 2021 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in the Super Bowl. This marked the end of the NFL season, which means that we have now officially entered the offseason. During the offseason, teams sign players to their team, and they...

Wizards player, Bradley Beal, was a big factor in the Wizard
Wizards defeat Lakers
Tyler Foti, Staff Writer • February 24, 2021

On Feb. 22 the Washington Wizards beat the Los Angeles Lakers away at the Staples Center in another fan-less game in the very abnormal 2021 NBA season.  The Wizards are starting to get on a roll with the win against the Lakers being their fifth straight win....

NCAA Football video game to return after 7-year hiatus
NCAA Football video game to return after 7-year hiatus
Tyler Plank, Entertainment Editor • March 2, 2021

After a seven-year hiatus, EA Sports is finally releasing a new NCAA football game in the next one to two years. This created an outrage of the excitement of fans. Any person that ever had the NCAA football games knows how much they influenced sport video games. The...

Rock music makes a comeback
Rock music makes a comeback
Tyler Plank, Entertainment Editor • March 2, 2021

The first year of the decade has already shown a brand of reinvented artists or at least a change in style. In the past year, major pop and rap artists have made a rock album. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly put out a pop-punk album called Tickets to My Downfall, which...

Teachers instruct in school despite being online
Vivian Phan, People Editor • February 24, 2021

  It feels really eerie being in a school with no students. I always enjoy interacting with the students in my classroom and in the hallway, and I enjoy interacting with the other teachers around my hall. That being said, I also don’t mind being...

Students continue working during COVID-19 pandemic
Elena Leopold, People Editor • February 24, 2021

A summer or part-time job as a high schooler is a big step in growing up. You get to learn responsibility, punctuality, time management and earn yourself some money. All in all, working as a high schooler is pretty beneficial.  When the pandemic hit, businesses...

Número de homicidios femenino sube en México
Brenda Huamani and Jensi Ralon February 25, 2020

Según estadísticas recientes dadas por el gobierno mexicano, el número de mujeres asesinadas en México se ha aumentado en gran medida a lo largo de los años. Recientemente,...

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The blue mask is worn during protests against the Uyghur concentration camps. It symbolizes how China is silencing the Uyghurs.
AHS speak up for the Uyghurs
Uyen Huynh, International Editor • February 23, 2021

History repeats itself as another genocide is happening in the world today. Millions of Uyghur Muslims are currently being imprisoned in hundreds of...

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Last year a career fair was held to give students a welcome tour at which path to take.
Why wasn't there a career fair this year?
Sereene Darwiesh, Staff Writer • February 23, 2021

There is a yearly career fair that takes place at Annandale near the springtime. Students have the opportunity to learn about different careers that they may want to partake...

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The benefits of a skin care routine
Sydney Long, Staff writer • February 23, 2021

Developing a great skin care routine is very important because your skin is one of the largest organs of your body. It is a shield that protects your body, so having a daily...

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The death penalty needs to go
The death penalty needs to go
Mary Endalkachew, Staff Writer • February 27, 2021

Lawmakers in Virginia have decided to abolish the death penalty, making it the first Southern state and 23rd state in the U.S. to do so. With Virginia's long history of capital...

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A margarita pizza
Pizza Policy misses the mark
Abdul Siddique, Staff Writer • December 3, 2020

Pizza Policy is a restaurant located in D.C. For breakfast, this restaurant serves burritos, sandwiches and cookies. For dinner and lunch, they serve pizza, salads, hoagies,...

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