Third Bi-Annual Play In A Day

Jessica Smith and Serene Ghul

Play in a day is a Bi-Annual Event that Annandale Theatre Company hosts, in which you create a play in a day, and then perform for a group of judges.

Anyone is welcome to this event (participating, or coming as an audience member!)

 In this event, you fill out an application to participate.

Once an application is turned in, participants show up at 8AM on a Saturday morning to begin their day! There is a strict schedule that must be followed.

This strict schedule includes writing, rehearsing, tech call, etc. Teams are usually made the morning of, and decided by the Theatre Director, Ms. Brunberg.

Pictures are released during the day of the event documenting the process on the Annandale Theatre Company’s Facebook (, and Twitter (@AtomsTheatre).

Before writing, the teams are given variables, a theme, and a line that they must use within their play.

Variables from this past 3rd Bi-annual Play in a Day included binoculars, a lighting fixture, van seat, plastic flamingo, and a giant banana with a mustache.

The given line the teams had to use was “Alligator soup… it’s a crazy idea,”

The theme for the plays was betrayal.

The teams this past Play in a Day were William Rangel Cardozo  and Daniel Canto, Ioana Marin and Maya Koch, and Jessica Smith and Sloan Limón.
William and Daniel’s play consisted of a company trying to come up with ideas for products to sell.

Ioana and Maya’s play included a loyal Vice President (Maya) and President (Ioana), and how the Vice President betrayed the President for their own benefit, as the VP was starving.

Jessica and Sloan’s play consisted of friends at a haunted House.

Hanna (Jessica’s character) did horrible things to others, so Jen (Sloan’s character) brought Hanna to this haunted house to make her face those she had hurt in the past. This was all over a broken mirror.

In the end, awards were given to the performers by selected judges.