Beginning the show production: “She Kills Monsters”

Galilea Sejas, Arts Editor

Freshman Hasan Royer (left) and Senior Marina Chen (right) practice their lines for the play.

The beginning of the experience, the beginning of the show, the beginning of everything in “She Kills Monsters” written by Qui Nguyen, was on September 18th, 2017 for the first read through of the play.

This comedic yet serious play portrays the main kick butt character, Tilly Evans, and her sister, the stereotypical cheerleader, Agnes Evans, battling in the world of Dungeons and Dragons with their fierce, all female team.

On Monday September 18th, all of the actors and tech people came into the orchestra room and began reading their own roles, so that everyone in the Annandale Theater Company could become aware of what the whole show was about.

The first read can allow the technical designers to take notes on their own design areas so that they can add on another layer to the show that will allow the audience members to see the world in the eyes of Agnes and Tilly.
Besides the technical or behind the scene ideas, actors who were fortunate enough to be casted as the leads, took notes on their characters, like their motives in a specific scene and the qualities that set them apart from the other characters in the play.

Though it’s only the beginning of the whole show production, junior and lead actress, Rediate Zewdu who plays Agnes Evans is ready for the show. Some people who came into the show, having never acted before, and they happen to get a major role in the show. Junior and assistant director, Kyle Dalsimer, along with the director, Ms. Brunberg, had a difficult time casting the show because here were so many talented people who came out and surprised them with their fantastic performances. Auditions and call backs were held all throughout the week of September 11-25th, where the directors could choose who they would want as their cast.

Even if most of the people who came out weren’t able to get a speaking role, they were still casted as at least one monster in the show, since it is in fact monster heavy.

All of the actors and monsters needed to come for the first read of the whole show where Miss Brunberg, Dalsimer and the fight choreographer, Josh McCreary, gave some director’s tips even before the blocking or scene directions were to take place. Every single actor and monster who came were able to listen to the fighting choreography description each scene, with the supplemental music with each fight, that made the actors and tech people feel like they were in the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) virtual campaign or battle. Throughout the week, Miss Brunberg, McCreary and Dalsimer worked with the actors on two fight scenes with two of the male characters. Miles, played by Cort Hollis and Chuck, played by Raffi Krikorian.

The actors are already hard at work, months before the show production. “ It’ll be magnificent seeing it in the full run through seeing the whole picture, tech, acting and choreography, all in one,” Brunberg said.

That being said, make sure to save this date in your calendars because the show production will take place on November 16-18.