Chalk 4 Peace

Maryam Dereje, Arts Editor

Drawing on paper? Fun, right?  How about drawing on the floor for a purpose? That’s exactly what we did here in AHS. Students gathered around after school on Wednesday to draw anything they wanted on the school floors outside. You know what the best part about ‘Chalk 4 Peace’ was? The fact that anyone that wanted to draw was able to. Yes, fun right? NO signing up needed, no asking, no nothing. You just get a chalk, get a place to draw on and you just do you magic.

This is only a small glimpse of what students from all grade levels drew, as a way to represent peace in the AHS Community.

You were allowed to draw whatever you wanted as wherever you wanted as long as you make it appropriate or overall you didn’t draw anything that was offending to others. Everybody did well, what most people drew were related to Peace on Earth and how the world needs to be a better place for everyone.

The president of the Chalk 4 Peace community, Senior Steven Hy, said that this was a good way to bring the community in Annandale to come together and be aware of peace. “It’s a good way to bring people together and just enjoy over each other’s similarities, drawing being one of them,” Hy said. This will be one of the last events Hy goes to, hence him being a senior, however, he hopes the community continue doing these kind of events. As far as Hy is still here, he will continue doing these types of events for AHS.

Everybody has their own opinion about anything, in this case however, everybody loved it and wanted to go. I asked many of the people that were there if they liked it, all the answers I got were extraordinary. Everybody that went loved it. I guess that’s all thanks to Hy. Since this is Hy’s last year he’s going to make it memorable, Hy is planning on doing events like: penthouses for refugees, Books for Africa donating books for children, planning a field trip listening to people give speeches about human rights and about the environment.

We are looking forward to more projects like this. Everybody had a blast, we hope the next one is going to be even better. Thank you for organizing this project for us all to participate in.