Showing Love Through Art!

Singing Valentines


Junior Kyle Dalsimer, Junior Emily Trachel and Ioana Martin practicing their vocals for Singing Valentines in the hallways.

Brenda Gamez, Maryam Dereje, and Galilea Sejas


Valentine’s Day is a day many look forward to, but others dread. The school overflows with couples showering each other with gifts and their love to each other.

There’s chocolate, candy, flowers and even giant teddy bears everywhere. What makes AHS unique from other high schools on Valentine’s Day is “Singing Valentines.”

The classroom door opens and out comes a choral student ready to serenade a girl or a boy, with their love ballads. Every year, the chorus department produces “Singing Valentines” as a way to promote chorus and the amazing voices that they have, and to raise money, but most importantly to make someone smile.

The chorus students’ needs to audition their piece, or song that they would like to perform, in the hopes of brightening a girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s day.

In order to have a person serenade a significant other, one would need to first know the schedule of the person whom they would like to send the valentine to, and the song. This “sale” occurs during all lunches starting a week before. Each person or duo is displayed where they sale occurs, along with the song that they would be performing.

The serenade only happens during red days. Depending on the teachers it can take longer or shorter than expect­ed. A teacher is going to be asked if they are okay with choral students coming to their class to perform for a person, it’s up to them to say yes or no.

There are many choral students that are not only gifted in the art of singing, but also in the art of playing music.

Junior Emily Trachsel, has been tak­ing part in Singing Valentines through­out her high school career, and this year, she plans on using her ukulele to bring on another flare to the mini per­formance of love.

Trachsel thinks that, one of the reasons she participates is to see the bright smile on students faces.

Junior Ioana Marin, also thinks that she thinks it’s a sweet way to spread love and raise money.

She loves seeing the person receiving the Singing Valentines she likes seeing them laugh and knowing that she made their day better with a song makes her day.

Many students from freshmen to seniors participate in Singing Valen­tines, it is a way to bring different people with different voices all in one harmony and also to make someone’s day. See it a cheesy, fun way to show someone your love for them or even the love for your­self.

Who wouldn’t want to have someone sing to them and make their day?

Although some people see Sing­ing Valentines as a very embarrassing thing others, really love the attention and love they receive.

Some people can’t wait until the take a video to post it online and show off to the people that didn’t get a chance to see being serenaded. Which is what makes this whole process fun.

Although a Singing Valentine may seem like a day dedicated to lovers, it doesn’t have to be.

You could send one to your best friend to embarrass them and show them how much you love them, or if you only love yourself, you can send one to yourself.

Singing Valentines week is a very hard week for some people.

Am I going to get serenaded or not?

That’s the question that runs through most people’s mind.

However, for the rest this is the best week of there year. Getting sung to in front of your classmates and friends and hopefully even in front of the person that dedicated the song to you.

Whether you want to directly have that person know it was you or you want to send it anonymously to your crush, it’s the perfect gift for someone on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not a way to measure love, but to give someone special and happy memorable moment. It’ll be a moment that person will never forget and make them smile in the future.