Annandale High School students display their masterpieces at the art show

Sophomore Angie Snow creates a watercolor painting titled

Sophomore Angie Snow creates a watercolor painting titled "Through the Looking Glass"

Galilea Sejas, Arts Editor

Walking around a room full of faces or landscapes created so effortlessly and realistically with different mediums is what many studio artists created and displayed at the arts show on earlier this week, on Tuesday, April 24th.

Annandale high school students and families were invited to attend the arts show where featured artists came to show what they have created over the last couple of weeks.

Each artist had a specific topic or rather theme that they wanted to portray through their art. Sophomore Angie Snow wanted to shine a light in the showcase through her wide use of colors: from a collage that she made to a portrait of a curious girl and her cat.

“I have improved as an artist by using new mediums and working with new techniques that I have learned in class. Art improves me as a person because I become much more creative,” said Snow.

Through this arts show, students were able to realize, if they haven’t before, the amount of talent that many of our fellow classmates have, and how one day, we may be interested in buying a famous artwork created by an AHS student, or receiving a tattoo from the skillful hands of one of our very own artists.

Having a person’s art be featured in this show or showcase allows their gifts as a creator to be appreciated. In many ways, the praise that they receive may inspire them to continue forth with art, and allow them to have enough motivation to potentially attain a career in the art industry.

“I see myself as an artist in the future, or being able to make a living out of drawing my tattoo designs. My peers inspire me a lot, like Angie, because she has influenced me a lot when it comes to colors,” said sophomore Duk Ngo.

Art has been a way to allow people to rejoice and discuss different perspectives to the same idea or argument in society or the world. Families came together to attend this art show, where it allowed the artists to exemplify the deep  emotions that they may have, due to the hardships they have faced in their own lives.