December Coffee House

An Exciting Upcoming Performance


Thomas Ray

"Chicken and Waffles" Auditions for the December Coffee House

Thomas Ray, Copy Editor

Thomas Ray
“Chicken and Waffles” Auditions for the December Coffee House

AHS’s best artists, musicians, poets, and performers are in the lineup for the Holiday Coffee House. The literary magazine, The Filament, will hold it’s quarterly Coffee House show and fundraiser today in Clausen Hall with an admission fee of $5.

The holiday spirit is an apparent subject in some of the performances and is the official theme of Decembers’ Coffee House.  There will be eight lively acts, from exciting band songs to contemporary poems that are to perform.

The student contemporary jazz band, Chicken And Waffles, will make their first Coffee House debut and the performance is sure to be exciting.

“We are looking for talent and variety,” said co sponsor Soo Jin Lee. “We want to give people who normally don’t perform a chance to. We are AHS’ underground or alternative stage.”

The November 28th auditions were intimate and personal. Those who auditioned performed in front of the sponsors of the Filament, Soo Jin, Leslie Chekin, and two editors in chief as well.

“I look for passion, that they love what they’re doing,” Filament co editor in chief senior Shae Rigo said. “I know that because they want to share that, they are very brave. This is a sharing space and we would rarely turn anyone down.”

Rigo has an abundant amount of experience in the performing arts as she was the assistant director to Annandale Theatre Company’s most recent production, Anon(ymous). Rigo, Soo Jin, and Leslie gave supportive critiques and advice for those who auditioned.

Though it might be intimidating to perform in front of others, “Just audition and don’t be afraid. We don’t bite and the audience doesn’t bite. Most people are very welcoming. You will find out about a part of yourself that you don’t know about,” Soo Jin said.