Fox readers being racist


Malia Obama, daughter of President Obama,recently announced she has decided to take a gp year before attending Harvard. Like many other news organizations, Fox News decided to post the article as a quick brief on their website.

Although, pretty typical of any news organization, the article quickly gained attention from the many Obama hating racists.

Soon after, Fox took down the comment section, but it was too late.

People had taken screenshots of the vile comments.

Some of the comments read “sounds like black privilege to me,” “Little ape should go to college in Africa,” and “Hopefully she gets cancer/aids or one of those colored diseases.”

Comments like these take away the accomplishments that the young teen has made and brands them with racism and malice.

These comments only encourage and further the belief that Fox New and its readers and viewers are racists.

Soon after Fox News released a positive article about the Obama family to counteract the effects of backlash from the previous one.

However, nothing the news organization does can solve the problem.

The problem is the readers, not the creator of content.