More IB Study Days needed

More IB Study Days needed

The testing season is finally upon us and stress can be felt all throughout the school.

In an attempt to help more juniors and seniors prepare for their IB Exams, AHS has permitted students to take IB Study days, pre-arranged days off from school.

The number of study days a student is able to receive correlates with the number of IB Classes they take.

Students who have one to three IB exams are able to take one study day while others who have four or more exams are able to take two days off.

Although the administration should be applauded for their efforts in trying to alleviate stress among the upperclassmen, the number of study days are just not enough.

For many seniors, the exams are stacked in close proximity to one another. These exams also can determine whether or not an IB diploma candidate receives their diploma or not and also the number of college credits the student will obtain.

IB courses are extremely rigorous and most are comparable with university level classes.

During this time, students are taking study days at different times or days of the week, therefore instructional time for teachers  becomes difficult. Many teachers stop teaching new material due to low attendance.

Although it is up to the student to sort out their own schedule and attendance, The school should give overwhelmed seniors more studying time on these exams, which can seriously impact their future.