Video slams Annandale

A camera pans over dirty and litter filled streets as a deep voice narrates, “Are you an emotionally disfigured person whose life has gone completely off-track because of your own lack of judgment?”

“Do you need somewhere to live cheap and fast? Is no price too low? Then welcome to Annandale, Virginia.”

These scenes are from a viral video titled “Welcome Home to the S***hole of Annandale, VA” created by Annandale native Angelo Mike.

The video came out two years ago in 2014, but it was not until the last two weeks that the video became viral because of the website, Reddit.

The video is two minutes long, and it spends its entire time degrading Annandale as the worst place to live, saying things like, “Only degenerates live here” and says that Annandale is “A miserable ashtray of a town.”

The video makes Annandale look like a dirty town that is filled with litter and dirt. Not only this, but the scenes in the video which only show the ground, make Annandale look like a dumping ground.

The video does not represent the Annandale that we all know.

Also, the video is has a dark filter which makes Annandale look dreary, and in doing so, the viewer is inclined to see Annandale as a bad place to live.

The video subsequently ends with a black screen and huge words pop up saying, “Kill Me.”

Just because Mike does not enjoy Annandale does not mean he has to brand it as a place all degenerates live and label it as the worst place to live.

Although the video does have a sort of humor to it, it makes the viewer feel bad for Annandale.

Additionally, the video is in the perspective of a privileged man living in suburbia. By making the town seem way worse than it seems, it takes away from the fact that there are actually other communities that are struggling.

He also does not take into consideration that Annandale is a part of one of the richest counties in America.

Because of this, the video is misinformed, and hurts Annandale’s reputation.