Late night with an angry Donald Trump

Noe Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Donald Trump loves his Twitter acoount. He absolutely loves it.

He loves it in the morning, in the afternoon and especially before he goes to bed.  

Trump has an absurd amount of late night tweets.

He has tweeted comments about John McCain, his spat with Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Warren, a U.S. Senator who remained natural throughout the debate, and hours after the first Presidential debate.

All the events listed above are from that chart. Trump tweeted 19 tweets about his spat with Megyn Kelly between the hours of midnight and 4 A.M.

Obama would usually tweet maybe 19 tweets a month on his personal account during the afternoon, the latest 7 PM eastern time.

Trump broke that in one night. Between the hours of midnight and 4 AM.

Midnight. And 4 A.M.

19 tweets in five hours, you have to wonder how hard it must be to tweet with those stubby little fingers.  

These are a few examples of his late night posts all during his presidential campaign.

He even tweeted about keeping Muslims tracked by U.S. officials then backtracked.

This rant, some have said, is derogatory, discriminative, and very hateful.

All these violate Twitters’ Terms of Agreements.

This should be enough to take down his twitter, right?

To Twitters’ Terms of Agreements, yes. To Twitters’ bank account and Donald Trumps’ use of free speech, no.

Twitter gains a lot of traction and late night traffic due to Trumps tweets.

In a recent New York Post article, if Twitter were to remove Trumps’ account, they would be down $2 billion in their market value out of their current $13.3 billion.

Should that matter? No. Yet, money talks, and those $2 billion talk a lot, its covfefe.

Now, with Trump in office, it’s going to be even more difficult to take down his account.

The American public and the media view his twitter as a source to the White House.

Why? Because he is the president of the United States. He is automatically a source.

Though, it’s hard to tell what he says is fact about his opinion, or a “joke.”

The White House has been cleaning up Trumps late night fun with is phone about 20 times this year. At this point, there must be a protocol to his twitter fingers.

He’s like a child that has been told to stop picking at the gingerbread house multiple times but goes “what?” and continues to pick at it.

Donald Trump’s messes with Americans more than your mind does when you say “you too” to the waiter that said “enjoy your meal”.

Trumps a businessman but also a reality personality.

He knows how to grab attention, he may even understand that he is causing chaos.

Yet, that’s what makes it funny. He made CNN pull TMZ and follow one of his staff members at a gas station. That’s how good he is.

The fear people have of his tweets turning into reality is large, and once again, he has a fine line of being serious to make a “joke” is alive and well.

He proved it with his implementation of the Muslim ban that the white house does not call a Muslim Ban, but he has over and over again on his twitter.  

Like a comedic Late Show, he makes it serious then funny, except it’s not him that said it was a joke it’s the White House.

So, Mrs. Sanders, what’s the protocol after his wild night on his phone?