Debate takes a bitter turn

With only less than three weeks until the Iowa caucuses the 2020 presidential candidates are still going at it. The last debate before the caucuses took place on Tuesday, December 14th. 

After Senator Cory Booker and former secretary of housing and urban development, Julian Castro dropped out it leaves only 12 major candidates left in the race.

With only six candidates being able to qualify, the debate still had many surprises. One of them being Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders. At the debate when all of the candidates were shaking hands they seemed to have engaged in a bitter conversation.

One can assume that it had something to do with the fact that Warren claimed that Sanders told her a woman could never win the presidential election. 

Although Sanders denies this claim, it still affects his reputation. Sanders supporters shared their opinions on twitter after the debate. Branding different hashtags such as” #LyingLiz;” #LizisaSnake;” and “#NeverWarren.” 

Some are saying that this is a scheme for Warren to gain support from Sanders female voters and it looks like it too. The way Warren brought up the situation during the debate put Sanders in a bad spot and it should’ve been addressed much sooner.

Warrens so-called plot backfired because Sanders ended receiving an outpouring of cash from donors, 1.7 million dollars to be exact. His supporters also came to his defense and called out Warren for many things. For example, his supporters claimed that she never attacked former Vice President Joe Biden over abortion and went as far as calling her a “faux feminist.”

Sanders has constantly shown his support for women and has publicly advocated for women to run for president many times in the past. It doesn’t make sense for him to say such a thing. Regardless, the public will never know if he said it or not.