Enjoy the warm weather with these activities

With summer just around the corner, there are tons of fun outdoor activities that you can do with family and friends! It’s important to get out and be active, so make sure that you’re taking advantage of the wonderful outdoors. Another plus is that you’re much less likely to be infected with Covid-19 while outdoors rather than public areas indoors.
1 biking
This activity is very active and a great way to bond with your friends. It’s a very liberating experience since you’re going as fast as you can and the wind is hitting your face while you’re pedaling. It’s great when you are able to go as far as you want while also being able to get some exercise in.
It’s something that people of all ages can do and there’s no restrictions. This activity is especially great if you are in a family with children because they are also able to participate in this activity.
“I really enjoy going biking with my older sister because we are able to spend time together and also get to destinations which would take us a lot longer to get to with walking,” sophomore Ruftana Beyene said. “Sometimes, it’s a little scary to bike on the main road, but in general I really enjoy it.”
2 camping Camping is a great way to get in tune with nature and forget about all your problems. This is the ultimate bonding experience since you’re spending all your time with whoevers around you.
It’s also a great way to learn new life skills such as cooking over a fire and setting up a tent. Bring long socks and bug spray to protect against ticks.
Camping is an experience like no other because you’re spending time in nature, which is hard to do when you live in a city and spend most of your time there.
Don’t forget to bring ingredients for the most fun camping experience of them all: making s’mores!
3 picnic Having a picnic is a great alternative to eating at a restaurant. You are able to customize your meals and can make it as big or small as you want. It is also a great picture opportunity if you are interested in photography. It’s a simple but new experience everyone should try at least once in their lives.
“My friends and I love to have picnics because food is a great way to connect with us,” sophomore Maya Mann said. “Sometimes it can get a little hot in the summer, but usually we plan it on days with nice weather.”
Places like Gravelly Point are great for picnics with a lot of open area so you can spread out and socially distance from others.
4 hiking
This activity is one of the most adventurous out of them all! You are essentially walking towards an unknown destination and using your own sense of direction while doing so.
If you’re not into camping, then this is a great alternative since you are able to leave whenever you finish the trail and go back home. This is a great activity to do with friends and family.
Packing snacks for the hike and being able to enjoy it at the top after all that walking is an amazing and fulfilling feeling.
“During the pandemic, my family and I found a new appreciation for hiking. It’s a great socially distant activity, and it’s something that can get us out of the house,” sophomore Ellie Davis said. “I love hiking because I’m able to take my mind off of things and relax.”
5 barbecue
Food is always a way to bring your loved ones together, and a barbecue is the best of both worlds. You are able to eat delicious food and simultaneously spend time with your friends and family. You can also play sports, such as soccer or volleyball, since you’re in an open area. Listening to music and eating delicious food sounds like the perfect outdoor activity. Working hard to make your own food makes it even more delicious once you finally eat it.