This season keep warm while staying in style


As we welcome in the winter season with open arms, we can also welcome in the chilly weather. When the temperature drops, staying warm and not catching a cold are very crucial.

Wearing warmer clothes does not necessarily mean wearing something plain or boring that does not express who you are. There are many ways to glam out a winter outfit just like you would any other.

Layering clothes is a good way to stay warm but also look fashionable. Adding on comfortable cardigans or colorful scarfs can make a huge change.

Accessories like hats, earmuffs or mittens can also help out a look. Beanies are known to be a great fashion trend and have become very popular this winter.

Some people think that thick clothes make them look big and bulky but oversized sweaters have proven those people wrong. A fashionable look that can never go wrong in winter is the classic sweater with a nice pair of boots.

“Winter is my all-time favorite season to dress,” junior Anjum Ashraf said. “I get to pull out all my warm and soft sweaters to give off that cute but comfortable vibe.”

Jackets are obviously a must for winter, but it depends on the type of jacket you buy that determines your style. Jackets are a unique piece of clothing and choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

It might seem hard to keep warm but also stay in style, but it can be done with the right amount of planning.