Battle of the Bands

Brenda Gamez, Staff Writer

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Have you been looking for the perfect chance to show your musical gift or be discovered? Battle of the bands is an event where student musical groups, bands or even solo artists compete.


The event takes place every year, this school year which took place on March 9th. Many have been waiting all year for the chance to show off their amazing talent. The different bands in the school like the rap groups, acapella groups, garage bands, and even string quartets compete against each other for the winning title and grand prize that comes with it.


This year there are six bands dueling it out for Battle of the Bands champion. The bands are Gabe’s Fault, The Morning Commute, Saxtastrophe, Martyn Cow, Thinh Dang and last years winners Generational Jazz combo. Fortunately enough, Gabe’s Fault and The Morning Commute, were able to make it to the final round of the competition.


This thrilling event is long anticipated by the students participating as well as the students coming out to support their friends. Many performers who were involved weren’t at all bothered by the fact that they were finalists.


Junior Ioana Marin who attended the event said, “It was all really fun and everyone was so enthusiastic all the time. We even made it up to the stage and we danced and rocked to the talented musicians, especially Nareg.”


Battle of the bands is a competition with three rounds. In the first round bands can play up to three songs, a maximum of 15 minutes. At the end of round one the audience members votes for the round one winners. Round two is the exciting round, the top two performances from round one compete against each other for the winning spot. Again at the end of round two the audience votes for the ultimate winner. Round three, or the winners round, is a last performance by winners of Battle of the Bands.


In preparation for this the student performers hold hour long practices and memories millions of songs in order to win Battle of the Bands.

Freshman Nareg Boghosian is the lead guitarist in rock band Gabes Fault and says participating in Battle of the Bands is an opportunity for him and his band to experience what a real rock band  performance is like. Participating in Battle of the bands according to Nareg is a way to expand his musical experience. To prepare for this event Gabes Fault has been practicing for over 9 months but they say every band has there own way of preparing for this event. Nareg says he is very passionate about music and enjoys participating in many different AHS music programs and events.


The story behind Nareg’s band name Gabes Fault is that the drummer of the band is named Gabe and he was the one to get the group together so ironically the band was Gabes Fault.

Although Gabe’s Fault is a rock band there will be a variety of different musical genres represented at Battle of the Bands. If you’re into music and discovering new underground artists and bands, the Battle of the Bands event is something you would really enjoy. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”