Alumni performs at Second City


This is from the graduation show Clodfelter put up after completing The Conservatory. The show was called “This is Why We’re Christian” and Clodfelter wrote a rap for the show called “CatCallin.”

Soulisa Pathammavong, People Editor

Class of 2011 alumni Tori Clodfelter transitions from performing theatre on the AHS stage to executing  shows at Second City, the world’s premier comedy club, comedy theatre and school of improvisation.

Clodfelter took pleasure in her time at AHS and was apart of the Theatre Department, cross country team, the Annandale Singers, and the Young Democrats. “I liked Annandale a lot, mostly because of the very crowded hallways, there’s nothing like the smell of Axe body spray, hot fries, and natural body odor on your way to English class,” Clodfelter said. 

The thing Clodfelter appreciated the most from AHS is the teachers, specifically Sara Zagurski, Niki Holmes, Phillip Harris, Jonathan York, and Jason Gould, whom she attributes a lot of her successes to as a young adult. “There are so many teachers at Annandale who took a true interest and had an earnest stake in our educations, which is a rare and very cool thing,” Clodfelter said. From her experience, the diversity and inclusivity was something she felt that carried with her throughout her life. “Annandale appreciated the worth and dignity of every student, which is a very special thing,” Clodfelter said.

After high school, Clodfelter went to Second City, a training center for improv and sketch comedy, known for being the place where Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and many other actors and comedians got their start. Clodfelter got into improv during her years in the Theatre Department and began to sketch in college. “I guess around my sophomore year in college I sought out Second City as my next step,” Clodfelter said. Clodfelter majored in Acting and did a semester there for college credit in 2014.

After graduating college, she moved to Chicago to attend Second City’s professional school, called “The Conservatory” (sort of like comedy grad school). She graduated in September 2016, and is now a contracted comedic writer and performer. “I get paid to improvise and write satire (pay attention in English, kids),” Clodfelter said.

As of right now, Clodfelter currently has two shows running at Second City, which she is a writer, actor, and producer on. Clodfelter has a show running at the Second City Training Center called “Violets Aren’t Blue,” which satirizes dating and relationships. She also has an upcoming two woman show going up at Second City in March and is part of a two woman improv troupe in Chicago called “Girlbrainz” that performs all over the city.

According to Clodfelter, her experience at Second City was incredible. “I’ve been given a platform to voice my point of view in a comedic and satirical way, while also living in an incredible city, and that is really rad,” Clodfelter said. It has also strengthened her confidence and own sense of self.

“Through the comedy and theater I have done, I know that I have a voice of change and progress in this world, and I can make art that supports that,” Clodfelter said.