End the snow drought


Shuffling through folded clothes, you finally reach your favorite pair of shorts. As you put them on, eager to run outside, you ask yourself: is it really still winter? It may be January, but the heat in Northern Virginia is already forming again. There is, however, a place to go for those who miss the annual brisk air and snowfall.

Massanutten is a nearby resort known for its snowy slopes. For over 40 years, Massanutten has offered skiing and snowboarding from its current 14 operating trails.

“I’ve always wanted to go snowboarding,” senior Sam Kamara said. “I enjoy the thrill of going downhill, and I enjoy speed.”

Aside from skiing and snowboarding, the resort offers snow tubing. But don’t worry about hiking about the approximate 1,110 foot mountains. There are quad-chairlifts at the start of each trail to carry you safely to the top after each slippery ride to the bottom.

For beginners, there are both skiing and snowboarding classes. Massanutten has a specially designed Pathway Program for first-time skiers and snowboarders, which allow them to learn the activity within two separate one-hour coaching sessions in a group.

“My favorite part [of skiing] is after I learn how to turn so I don’t crash into things. That’s always nice,” freshman Peter Scheible said.

These sessions, including slope use and equipment rental, cost $46-66 for an 8 hour session and $34-60 for a 4 hour session. Check online for further details about these classes and information about private lessons.

Although most of the snow covering these icy slopes is artificial, the chilly air and crunchy, white ground can replace the winter season that was skipped over this year.


Location: 1822 Resort Drive

Elkton, VA 22827