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Out with the old, in with the new

Coming fresh out of college, new IB Math teacher adjusts to AHS and attempts to follow the legacy of his predecessor

Henry Hoang, People Editor

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There’s a new occupant in the once crowded and roaring room 205. After math teacher Hee Choi left to teach at Thomas Jefferson High school for Science and Technology, Everisto Martins has taken over the room.

Martins began training for this role in the last months of last year’s school year, this time of training allowed him to get a feel for his classroom as well a feel for this new environment.

This time was crucial because it allowed Martins to begin his teaching role with experience already under his belt.
Before Martins even got here, Martins was getting lessons from Mr.Choi. Mr.Choi told Martins to get lessons planned ahead of time and get the lessons ready by the first quarter.

Martins, a recent graduate from Virginia Tech, is now teaching the IB SL math classes.
Teaching college level math classes may even present a challenge to an experienced teacher, but coming fresh out of college himself, Martins is surely having a much different experience.

“The transition from college to a teacher was a little rough, because college wasn’t the best time for me,” Martins said.

Now that Martins has taken over room 205, he has a tough responsibility to hack at from the amount of tests, quizzes, and homework.

“I will never be done grading. If I am, I have to be sure to hand them back just to receive a new wave of homework, quizzes, and tests,” Martins said.

The other teachers at Annandale have made Martin’s transition a bit smoother and easier for him by giving him tips about teaching. “Mr.Bumbaca showed me how to do homework quizzes,” said Martins. “Ms.Han taught me how to write quizzes.”

Martin’s most memorable moment was getting to know the students. Martins has gotten to know the students by how they’ve been acting in class.
“Some are crazy, shy, loud, or just normal,” Martins said.

As Martin teaches, he tries to figure out the best way for them to learn. Students learn from different ways and it is important for teachers to understand how to teach them best.

“I actually like martin’s teaching style, people are just used to choi and the way he taught that’s why they don’t like martin’s, but I gave him a chance and he’s actually pretty good,” senior Rudy Flores said.
Although, initial transition was difficult, he is learning to make Annandale a fun experience for himself and his students.

He continues to bond with them and expand their understanding of the classes, trigonometry and calculus.
Even though it was a diffucult role to fill, Martin has dove into becoming an IB math teacher and will continue to strive for better techniques about teaching as the year progresses.

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