Sling: Clairo Concert Review


It’s Feb. 19, 2022 in the Silver Spring’s Fillmore. It was around 40 degrees outside. When you got inside, it was loud, filled with a lot of people talking. It was a relatively small venue. It lasted from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. From the scenery, to the people playing instruments on the stage, it was very lively. 


Arlo Parks, the opening act was enjoyable, and it definitely set the mood off. The setlist was ordered, “Bambi, Zinnias, Wade, North, Bags, Harbor, Alewife, Impossible, Softly, Blouse, Just For Today, Little Changes, Partridge, Nomad, Reaper, Amoeba, Management, Pretty Girl, and Sofia.” I think it was ordered extremely fitting with Bambi being the opening to the album and the opening for the tour is very appropriate. 


Her stage presence is really good. I do enjoy the equal balance of upbeat, and more slower paced songs. I also loved how there was a pretty distinct divide between the songs she listed, and I do enjoy how some actually faded into each other. My personal favorite song that she performed would have to be “Management” because it was just super fun and upbeat. In my opinion, the lighting job was just spectacular; it was super vibrant and always fit the mood of each song. 


There were moments throughout the concert where songs were re-done, but in the end, everyone was safe and were filled with lots of excitement throughout the songs that would range from the bedroom pop to the ballads. The backdrops for each song were done so well. There were some moments where the basses or saxes had their own moment which I thought was pretty cool. It was a different mood and feel than her past albums because of the distinctive era change, but it was still entertaining nonetheless. There were some moments where the concert experience could’ve been improved, like getting there earlier, but other than that, it was amusing and I hope I can do it again.