Black Friday kicks off Holiday season

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

While I was shopping with my family on Black Friday we were joking about how intense and crazy it was going to be. But the longer we shopped, the more we realized that some of our jokes were more real than imaginary. The parking at my local Best Buy was much more competitive and crowded. And while the parking at Best Buy was pretty chaotic, the inside was a much different story with large groups of people swarming the electronics section. All of these instances together made me wonder how else does Black Friday impact different people?

To some, Black Friday is the day that kicks off the holiday season with a massive blowout holiday deal and sales up until Christmas. But to others, it is a pointless holiday were you spend less time with family or friends just to get a TV that’s on sale or as Sophomore Jessica Vo said” I think that it’s too much of a hassle to go buy something on sale the day after Thanksgiving.”

But with the deals that are available during Black Friday, you would expect everyone to leave what they are doing and go out to big malls and stores and you would be exactly right. With unemployment rates going down and the average salary of an American going up, more and more people are either going to stores or shopping online than ever before.

But to big companies the feelings about Black Friday and the holiday season in comparison to the average customer. While a customer may be able to enjoy a good bargain for Christmas gifts, this is the last chance for a company to get any substantial sales before the end of the year.

You can see this trend as far back as October as many big tech companies such as Apple or Google released a lot of new products in hope that they will sell very well during this holiday season. So with companies putting out more products than they do the einte year and customers ready to spend tons of money you have a perfect storm for a massive shopping season.