Annandale TSA Competition Approaching

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

      On Saturday, February 23rd, 2019, the Annandale TSA or Technology Student Association will be participating in a competition with schools from around the county.


      The president of the club, senior Ephrata Yohannes, hopes the team will place on the Top Five for each categories. There are many different categories within this competition, including digital video production, flight endurance, extemporaneous speech, promotional design, and debate.


    Ephrata Yohannes said, “I’m looking forward to representing Annandale High School, and I hope to win top three.”


     Many other students are also excited to participate in this competition, including seniors Joseph Daniel, Alvin Kim, Nahom Dagnachew, Tawhid Hannan, and Kaa-Lok Yap.


     Kaa-Lok Yap, who is a senior said: “ I look forward to competing against other individuals who also strive to further the technological advancements in the world.”


      The sponsor, Coach Harris, is hoping that the team does great at the competition. In past years, the Technology Student Association has done amazing, and this year, they are hoping to continue all their hard work and dedication.


     Yap is very excited and hopeful about this competition, as he continues “I think I’m going to win essays  on technology, biotech, and tech bowl.”