Mr. Annandale

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

    Who has the most talent? Who is the smartest? Who has the most muscle? Mr. Annandale- the annual contest held to determine which boy, either junior or senior, has what it takes to represent the entire high school.


    The annual contest will be held on Friday, February 22nd, 2019 in the auditorium. Mr. Annandale will have around a dozen contestants and costs $5.


   This contest is likely to be intense, as contestants must ensure that their music, performances, talents, and props are all ready to go. The audience always looks forward to the talent section because this is where the boys can


   There will be five crowns, one for each specific category and one for the one-and-only Mr. Annandale. Additionally, there will be five judges, which may be: Principal Thomas, Coach Harris, Mr. Maglisceau, Coach Otersen, and Coach Winkler.


The categories include:

    • Mr. Elegance: Wear your best ‘fit! Boys can wear a suit and tie, or anything elegant.


  • Mr. Muscle: Show off just how much you bulked up to wow the judges!
  • Mr. Spirit: Make sure to incorporate both red and white while showing your Annandale spirit!


  • Mr. Talent: Show a talent that makes you unique, make sure to rehearse multiple times to perfect your performance!  


If the contestants reach the Top Five:


  • Mr. Intelligence: Be prepared to answer questions that can be about your life, your future, and Annandale High School!



   The Mr. Annandale contest really helps to increase involvement and school spirit and is always something that the whole school looks forward to.