The Grinch: Review

David Solomon, Staff Writer

When the Grinch movie trailer came out there was immediately a lot of hype surrounding the movie. Most of the trailers review were saying that the movie would be a better production than the old movie itself. But what comes with hype also comes with controversy. No matter how much hype surrounds a movie there will always be a couple other people to bring the movie down saying, it’s not going to be as good as the first Grinch movie, or they would just say the movie would flop in general.

The Grinch played by Benedict Cumberbatch with his trustee dog Max go into town to get food to last the through the towns festive period. As he walks through the town he sees  the towns people enjoying their time getting ready for Christmas. This makes him angry because he couldn’t have anything like this as a orphan. So as he is shopping for his food for the next couple of weeks he does some mischievous work around town. Destroying kids snowmen, blowing up Santa balloons, etc.

The Grinch is tired of these frivolous holiday antics and wants to put an end to this holiday spirit.

As the Grinch sets up his master plan to end whoville holiday spirit he recruits a big deer and names it Fred. With the Grinch, Max and Fred he starts his plan to steal the townspeople spirit by stealing their present.

So as the Grinch goes around town steals presents and come across a young girl named Cindy Lou who talks with the Grinch and ask for a gift for Cindy’s mother. As the Grinch is hearing her plea he starts to have a change of heart. Come the next morning the townspeople notice that all their presents and Christmas decorations have been stolen.

There is a  brief period where the townspeople are showing a emotion ranging from sad to anger to confusion. After the townspeople get through this time of grief they decide its for the better and that maybe Christmas is about spending time with your love ones is the true meaning of Christmas.

The townspeople all gather around n the town circle and sing the Christmas song they sing every year aloud. The Grinch hears this and becomes confused as to why the townspeople are still singing after he took the townspeople presents. As he hears the the Christmas song he has a change of heart and returns the gifts that he stole to the townspeople.

Come Christmas day he is at his Big dark castle in his bed alone with his dog till hears his doorbell ring. He opens the door to find Cindy Lou and she invites the Grinch to have Christmas dinner with the town. The Grinch shows up to the dinner and they all forgive him and thank him for opening their eyes. The Grinch makes a big speech about his childhood and how he never celebrated Christmas because he had no one to celebrate it with. He also says that Cindy Lou is the reason that helped him love Christmas again.

The Grinch was a animated Christmas movie that shows two different perspectives from Cindy Lou to the Grinch and shows their different lifestyles.