MWC leaves attendees with excitement for future of tech

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

MWC finished up one month ago, leaving many tech fans feeling excited and hopeful for the year to come in mobile tech. Many would agree that this year MWC was one of the best. With so many new and interesting technologies being revealed there. From a phone with five cameras to multiple foldable phones there was no shortage of exciting new tech to be seen.

Starting off with foldable phones, they were much more prevalent than many people though as many had believed that Samsung’s Galaxy Fold would dominate the foldable phone news cycle. But Samsung’s growing Chinese rival Huawei yet again challenges Samsung with a foldable phone of their own called the Huawei Mate X.

But foldable phones were not the only weird tech we saw at MWC, Chinese company Vivo has announced a phone with no ports, meaning no speakers, microphone holes, and no charging port.While this may seem like an impractical device doing something different just for attention, this may a hint to a possible completely wireless future that Apple is trying to achieve by removing the headphone jack.

Moving on to more practical devices reveal at MWC, Samsung reveals their much-awaited S10.The S10 celebrates the 10th anniversary of the ‘S’ series of phones by packing as much innovation and features as they could. From in screen fingerprint readers to having three cameras for more versatility when taking pictures, Samsung planed to make this generation special.

While Samsung dominated the news cycle with their galaxy s10 other companies have tried to steal that spot by unveiling their own flagships with interesting and new features.A perfect example of this would be LG’s LG G8, who special feature is that it can read your veins to unlock the phone