Mount Everest Trash Problem

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

You don’t need a map to get to Mount Everest, just follow the trash. The trash that accumulated on Mount Everest was about 60,000 pounds of trash.

The thousands of people who went to Mount Everest is the reason why the trash is up there. People take a lot of gear with them, that usually doesn’t come down or gets left behind.

According to the Everest Summiteers Association, there is still about 30 tons of trash left on the mountain.

Teams of volunteers have went up and collected about 6,600 pounds of trash. Most of it is simple trash or human waste. More of it is non-biodegradable waste.

The goal is to pick up 22,000 pounds of trash by the end of their 45-day campaign. The campaign is very costly. Its suppose to cost 23 millions Nepalese rupees.

This is the first time everyone seen, everybody come together to clean up the world’s highest peak. The melting of the snow and ice made their jobs much easier, also because of global warming.

The cleanup may only be temporary solution, with the fresh 755 climbers this season. The abandoned waste will only continue to grow. The government created a smart plan, which is making each climber deposit 4,000 dollars.

It’s only refundable if the climber brings down 17.6 pounds trash. To restore glory of Mount Everest, we all have to come together and think about the effect.