AHS introduces free after school snacks program

This year on Dec 4, AHS begun their free after school snack program. The program allows students who participate in after school extracurriculars to get a snack, free of charge. Students go through the regular lunch lines in the cafeteria, grab something, and leave without needing to punch in their lunch PIN number.

Sophomore Chris Khuc said “It would be pretty beneficial program for students if the food was good. As of right now, I think the food is kind of bad.”

This initiative is an effort to assist kids who may come from a lower socioeconomic standpoint who can’t afford to buy snacks or meals for themselves. About 60% of the student body at AHS receive free reduced lunch and can benefit from this program.

“I think it’s a really good program that can help students out. A lot of the time people stay after school, but don’t have any money to go to the concessions in the jock lobby,” sophomore Elizabeth Pham said “so this is a great solution where kids don’t have to go hungry.”

The program is being funded by the USDA. The USDA is a federal agency that provides these meals to various school districts who may have a large percentage of the student body that fall in the lower socioeconomic bracket

“We just happen to be one of the schools that was selected and [the USDA program] was offered to us and we took advantage of it.” System of Support Advisor Brent Roberson said, “I think it’s great. We’ve been averaging about 75 students, feeding them after school. Many students want [snacks], need [snacks] and they come and get [snacks] after school free.”