Upcoming Events in 2020

Annandale’s Leadership will be holding their annual Heritage Night event, where students at Annandale display their countries by performing in the fashion show or do a cultural performance. Annandale is one of the most diverse schools in the county, which gives us the advantage to see and learn so much about different cultures.

Last year’s Heritage Night event was a success, as students from countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan,Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and many more participated in it and made it one of the enjoyable school events in Annandale.

Heritage Night will be held March 6, 2020 @ 7 in the auditorium

There will also be a new event called the Talent Show, where students come and show off their talents. Students can sing, dance, do gymnastics, a cheer routines, play an instrument, do magic tricks, and so much more.

It will be held in February 21,2020 @ 7 p.m. in the auditorium

As the new year is approaching, come and support your friends in these two upcoming school events.