Class of 2023 hosts their first fundraiser

Every year class officials have to come up with creative ways to raise money for their class. Class of 2023 officers decided to go with a classic bake-sale for the first fundraiser of the year. 

The bake sale will be held in front of the auditorium after school on Wednesday the 29th from 3:30 to 4:30.

There’s going to be a wide variety of baked goods offered, ranging from truffles and cake pops to chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Prices start at 25 cents.

“The first fundraiser is super important because it’s the foundation for the rest of the fundraisers, so let’s start strong,” Class president Rahiel Berhe said. 

The goal is to raise at least $100. 

“I think that my class deserves to have a great prom and I feel like if we start raising money now, this early, we’ll be able to have an amazing prom,” Berhe said. 

Officers have already started advertising for the bake sale on their Instagram account @ahsatoms2023.