Athletes stay fit during quarantine

Staying home for as long we most people have been has its effects. Students are not able to go to school, leaving their learning to be hindered with a subpar substitute in distance learning, seniors miss out on important events in their last year of high school, and athletes’ seasons get cut short.

For any athletes staying fit and healthy are of the utmost importance. Getting to and staying at the top of their game allows athletes to pull through and win games. However, with gyms and schools closed, it has suddenly gotten very difficult for athletes to say in shape

On top of having their seasons cancelled many student athletes must also focus on the student part of that title. While online learning in full swing many athletes spend more time at their computer instead of working out. Furthermore if students are not are not working on online assignment, chances are they are on youtube or playing video games in order to relax and take their minds off this crazy situation, taking even more time away from working out to stay fit and healthy 

Given this situation, many athletes have found a way to stay in shape while staying at home. “I have been mostly doing at home body weight workouts and tracking it with my Apple Watch.” said junior Abraham Belayneh . 

Technology can be a really helpful tool in staying fit during these uncertain times. The rising trend in students using wearable health trackers is sure to increase even more as it provides student athletes with a guide and feedback on how their efforts in staying fit are progressing.

With Gyms closed, student athletes are cut off from the machinery that they use to work out. This has caused students like Abraham to change how they work out, shifting from relying on machines and weights and relying on their own body weight to work out.

While athletes for most spring sports like lacrosse, soccer, or baseball are prevented from playing their sport to its full effect, Track athletes have found themselves in a unique position where they can stay fit and practice their sport to its full effect. “ I’m really lucky that I can go outside and improve my stamina and form and just get better at running over all,” said Junior Peyton Buckly. “ That’s more than what I can say for other sports.”

Unfortunately for most other sports they don’t have the same luxuries that the track team and must focus on just staying fit for next season.

The COVID-19 outbreak has put all students in situations that they have never experienced before. But this has not caused students to stop their lives entirely, just like everyone else they just adapt to these ever changing circumstances.