How to be the next Spielberg

Develop your ideas

Once you have an idea for your film, write a treatment. This is a one page summary of your movie from start to finish. Now, present your treatment to your friends and family so they can help you to refine the plot. With their comments, make changes to your treatment as needed.

Write your script

Once you have determined the basic elements of your movie, it is time to write your script. The key pieces to a script are the descriptions of the setting, the dialogue of the characters and all scene transitions you wish to add in later. Your script should include every detail that you want to have in your final product. Creating a good script is the first step to creating a good movie.

Make your vision come to life

Once you have finished your script, you must prepare to begin the filming process. To do this, get your friends and family to be your actors and actresses as needed. This is also the stage in which you will select the setting for all of your shots and any props you may need in your scenes. Keep the mise en scene in mind as you plan. This means that all aspects of a scene must be significant to the scene’s message.

Shoot your footage

Once all of the individual pieces of your movie are in place, it is time to begin the daunting task of filming. When it comes to cameras, there is a wide range of type and quality. Simple cameras, such as Flip camcorders, can be found for just a little over $100, while nicer ones can be as pricey as $3500. It is important that you make sure every shot is significant to your overall storyline. To make sure you get the shot you need, do multiple takes from various angles.

Edit your shots into one cohesive piece

It is at this final stage of the film process that all last minute touches are made. Simple programs such as iMovie and Windows MovieMaker can get the job done, but there are also higher level options such as FinalCut, which offers more control over little details. In the editing process, it is important to cut out any mistakes and bloopers that occurred during filming. It is also at this step that you will add any scene transitions that you envisioned. Once you are satisfied with your final product, congratulations, you have finished your first movie! Come to the IB Film Festival on June 10 at 6 p.m. to see the student-created movies.