Controversy on Sesame Street


Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street gang have not seen this much publicity in decades. For Katy Perry, a routine celebrity guest appearance on Sesame Street has snowballed into a major media fixation. Perry, like many other celebrities, filmed a guest spot on Sesame Street of her singing ‘Hot and Cold’ with Elmo.

Immediately after the video hit the internet, parents of toddlers were up in arms over Perry’s not-so-modest outfit. While her neckline goes to her collarbone, the majority of the fabric covering her chest is white mesh, which parents complained revealed too much cleavage for a children’s show.

The producers of ‘Sesame Street’ quickly pacified the situation by announcing the segment would not be aired due to the many complaints. After the story grew incredibly in the news, Elmo visited ‘Good Morning America’ and asked if Miss Katy would want to have another playdate with him on Sesame Street, seemingly resolving the situation.

However, a few days later, Perry was the musical guest on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ sparking more controversy. Perry was in a skit in which she wore a very tight and low cut shirt emblazoned with Elmo’s face, clearly poking fun at the media frenzy. While the scandal may have died down for now, Sesame Street has not seen the last of Katy Perry.