Cult of Chucky hits Netflix just in time for Halloween

Cult of Chucky  hits Netflix just in time for Halloween

Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

The new Chucky movie is just what you’d expect: a horror movie about a killer doll with a sick humor.Although this is what the newest movie, Cult of Chucky is about, there is a bit of a twist… Instead the classic Chucky doll, there is multiple dolls all with the soul of Chucky inside them. One Chucky can “wake”up another Chucky by chanting a specific set of lines to the doll.
Cult of Chucky is the seventh installment in the Chucky series. It follows right after the 2013 movie Curse of Chucky.While the newest movie is unrated and on DVD and Blu-ray, it is still a good scary movie that will have you sleeping with one eye open under your covers.

Cult of Chucky follows Nica Pierce, (who was also in the previous movie, Curse of Chucky) who is in an insane asylum for being diagnosed with schizophrenia after allegedly butchering her family.In reality, it was Chucky who killed her family, which is no shock. Nica is also a paraplegic. Chucky and Nica have a dark common past, with Chucky being the reason that Nica is a paraplegic, stabbing her mother in the stomach while she was in the womb.

There are many returning characters in this film, with one of the most notable characters being Andy. Andy is in the original Chucky movie, and the original Chucky was his doll. In this installment, Andy is all grown up, and some of the dolls show fear towards him now that he is an adult.
Over the course of the film, there is the typical gory murders Chucky commits, and some plot twists that are sure to leave you wide-eyed.

In the end, the movie really comes together with the ending not being the actual end. If you can get through the slow start at the beginning, this is definitely a movie that will give you the chills.