Originals are better than remakes

Originals beat remakes because they’re classics


Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

They are considered classics Original movies can become a huge hit and be remembered for years. Your grandparents could still be talking about it. One reason originals will always beat remakes is no one wants to sit down and watch a remake of their favorite movie for two hours. They want to see the real thing. Remakes are cool and all because they are newer, but nothing beats the original movie that you’ve watched countless times with your friends and family.

Remakes twist the plot Most people prefer originals over remakes because the original plot is usually the favorite. When you like the way a movie is, there is no point in watching a remake of the movie that is similar but also totally different. Remakes tend to add a twist to the original plot by focusing more on specific scenes and adding more details to unneeded parts of the plot. Some viewers can agree that remakes just aren’t the same.

You can connect with an older audience Originals are a way for younger viewers to connect with their parents or anyone who grew up watching the original film. Remakes don’t generate the same kind of feelings that originals do. No one ever looks back to a time they were watching a remake of a movie with their family. They always look back to the original film since it appeals to more age groups.

Costumes and props are unique and fun. It is always nice to look back at originals and see how far technology has come. Technology is being upgraded all the time, and because of this there isn’t as much effort put into costumes and props in movies as there used to be. Original movies don’t have the same kind of technology, but they do have unique and fun costumes that have a story behind them.

Remakes are based on the original, not the book The sole purpose of remakes it to make a better movie based off the original. For original movies based on books, remakes are entirely different than the original book versions. While remakes do address problems from the original movie, they tell a very different story than the book does.