Remakes are better than the originals

Remakes beat originals because of technological advances

Remakes are better than the originals

Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

The production is more modern With technology advancing day by day, no one wants to watch an old movie with ancient props and poor special effects. Movies can be made more smoothly and visually please the audience better. Most originals tend to be older films with older technology used in the production of the film. A crisper remake of a classic childhood movie is something that people enjoy and look forward to seeing.

The actors are more recognized than in older films In original movies, it is not common for younger kids to recognize the actors playing their favorite roles in their favorite movies. This is because kids did not grow up watching these actors in different films. With remakes, the actors are more recognized and can sometimes make the movie more appealing to the viewer. Some people might watch a remake just because their favorite actor is in it. They may or may not have watched the original. Nowadays movies are more about who’s in it, not what its about.

Remakes are praised if they succeed For the most part, remakes receive negative reviews when compared to the originals. Bad remakes are quickly forgotten. If a remake is good, it is talked about for a long time and sometimes is said to be better than the original movie. People start to praise the remake and forget about the original because it becomes outdated and old news.

Remakes are popular to a younger audience With originals getting older and older by the second, it’s easy to forget they even exist. Kids born long after originals are produced grow up watching the remakes of these movies. Even if kids knew about the original movie, they would much rather watch a newer movie that appeals more to their age.

Remakes address problems in originals Just because they are originals does not mean that they are perfect. Many mistakes are made in originals. Remakes include corrections and improvements to these mistakes and make a better movie.