Black Mirror’s new season


Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

Black Mirror is back with an all new season. Unlike earlier seasons, season four comes with six all new episodes. Season one had only three episodes, while season two had four episodes.
Personally, I found that the first episode, USS Callister, was a little too much like a Star Trek knockoff. This episode stars Breaking Bad/Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemmons, and How I Met Your Mother’s Cristin Milioti.

Plemmons plays a CTO at a gaming company who is repeatedly ignored and taken for granted. To get back at his coworkers, he illegally makes digital copies of them and puts them in his own Star Trek like version of the game. The show still revolves around greatly enhanced technology, and how it has corrupted people in the future. Junior Makayla Lopez said she liked the use of technology in the show, but not the length of the episodes.

From around the first season to the most recent season, the use of technology has increased but the technology itself has stayed around the same. A new kind of technology includes Z-Eyes, which have been around since the first season. New technology revealed in season four is Arkangel. Overall, season four comes with the usual eerie, tech-like episodes.