Students await the release of “Black Panther”

Ave Clyburn, Staff Writer

On February 16th, the new movie Black Panther is to come out. Students are ecstatic to finally see an all black superhero that is more than just a side character.

“I feel excited about this movie because it seems from the trailer that it’ll be an amazing movie. This movie is different because nowadays when do you ever see a black actor or actress get the lead in a movie” freshmen Salma Nagila said.

Students have exceptionally high expectations for the movie.

“I think it’s going to be the best movie of 2018 because it’s like the first African American superhero movie and the culture is very hyped for it. I think most kids of color will look up to the lead actor because he’s a wealthy king from Africa and he saves people, it doesn’t get much better than that” senior Leslie Moriba said.

Black Panther will be an inspiration for children of color to look up to.

“I am very excited for Black Panther to come out. It is a very excellent way to show young African American children that there are heroes that are just like them. It shows them that they can be whatever they want to be, regardless of their skin color” freshmen Jazmyne Harris said.

“ It is a role model because children can now believe that they can do anything they dream of doing,” Nagila said.

Students are happy to finally see some representation in superhero movies.

“I feel happy because it’s like the only Marvel movie African Americans could look forward to. I feel like I could enjoy this movie more than any other movies because I can’t relate to it as much” freshmen Sirena said.

Students are also happy to see black actors play more than the stereotypical black actor as the sidekick, funny guy or sassy girl.

“I am beyond thrilled to see Black Panther, it’s a beautiful film production full of beautiful black artists receiving the same screen time as the majority, finally. Well being black there’s always a designated individual or two placed in a show or movie to solidify the diverse American aspect but this totally dumps that ideal, we get a whole entire movie for once!” senior Hidaya Hussein said.

Many students are concerned about the portrayal of the movie to see the accuracy of the movie to real life.

“I’m really excited about the movie, it’s the first action movie I’ll see that comes from somewhere I come from. This movie is different because they never had an action movie from someone who was from Africa. It’ll be cool to see if they accurately portray the heritage. I think it’ll be a great role model for younger kids of color” Said junior Hemen Besufekad.

Hopefully, Black Panther lives up to its expectations as it will be a stepping stone for more people of color in Marvel movies.