Invest in the MoviePass app


Noe Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Being one of the more useful memberships a movie-junkie will own, MoviePass is not one of the more known entertainment-saving memberships, nor is it talked about, having only over 2 million subscriptions. MoviePass allows you to watch free movies for a monthly paid price of $9.95 with a $19.95 activation fee, or at the current moment, an annual fee of $105.35, costing only $7.95 per month with a $9.95 activation fee. Anyone can join the membership, as long as they pay the monthly price or pay the annual fee up front. It has a one-movie-per-day policy and resets at 2:00 AM so it could be ready for your next day of viewing.  Most theatres in the area allows one to use MoviePass, though most don’t allow reserved seating, nor do they allow you to use it on special viewing experiences like 3D or IMAX .

The way to sign up for the membership is by going to its site,, following the instructions on setting up your account, and a payment method (debit or credit). Once all that is done, they’ll ask for an address to send you your MoviePass card to use at theaters, which may take one to three weeks to come in.  Once you get the MasterCard, download the MoviePass App, sign in to activate the card, and once all that’s done, go out and enjoy a movie.  If you love movies but can’t pay for all the films you want to see, this is definitely worth an investment, at least considering getting.  Yes, you may have to buy the ticket at the theatre, and yes it may not allow special viewing experiences, though you save money every time you swipe that MasterCard. On a personal note, it is one of the best investments I’ve made for entertainment.

I go see a movie at least once a week, it’s so useful. I also have a Regal Membership that allows me to earn points every time I visit a Regal Theatre that goes to free rewards like a free small popcorn or a free 2D movie ticket to take a friend. I’m still only spending about $10 a month on the five to seven movies I’m watching per month.

It really is a great investment.