God of War: A World with New Emotions


Noe Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Santa Monica Studio’s brought out its best when they released the latest installment of God of War. The hack-and-slash game has been most notable for its gruesome combat and it’s setting of Greek Mythology. The previous installments were just all about fighting, combat. Mashing buttons to get to the next step in the storyline. All with anger and only the storyline to complement it.

The latest installment has been quite the same with button mashing, though the storyline, the emotions, the setting of the realm, it’s all changed. Now set in Norse Mythology, Kratos, the God of War, enters a new world, with realms never experienced in God of War. A new connection never experienced before.

The journey follows Kratos known to be in a realm not his own, having to raise and teach his son, Atreus, alone with the passing of his mother, giving the franchise a whole new person to connect to. Gain a relationship with. Though, the connection isn’t just not just for the player, it’s for Kratos as well.

Throughout the storyline, you can see the heart he has for Arteus, a boy who was hidden from the world from his mother for quite some time. Kratos, though he believes Atreus is not ready to be taught his ways, must train him as his world becomes attacked.
The boy gives the game such a breath of fresh air when it comes to emotions. You, as the player, feel like you are literally teaching this kid how to fight, hunt, and control his emotion. God of War has always stayed in the world it’s know: brutality for anger. Now, in its newest version, you are taught to control it, like the boy.

God of War had never ceased to amaze its players on its storyline, though, it’s always felt like it missed something. With Atreus, it doesn’t feel whole, though it does feel wholesome.

Rating: 10/10