Apple’s new Products hit the Market

Eyob Dagnachew , Staff Writer

On Sept. 12,  Apple held an event at Steve Jobs theater to show off their new products such as the Apple Watch series 4, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhones XS max. They also announced the release date of the new  IOS 12.

Surprisingly enough they did not announce a new iPad, iMac, or their successful airpods.  

Apple kicked off the event with the reveal of their new smartwatch the Apple Watch Series 4. According to Apple, this is the biggest upgrade they’ve ever given to the Apple Watch. They touted a 35% increase in screen size to both watches claiming that it will be able to show more information and have improved cellular connection with an extra microphone to help with calls without your phone.

They have also upgraded its health and safety features by adding a new gyroscope and accelerometer to more accurately tracks steps and workouts. A new feature that utilizes both the gyroscope and accelerometer to help detect falls and call for help. Another new feature is an electronic heart sensor for more accurate readings during your workouts

Apple’s big reveal during the presentation was the new iPhone XS and XS max. The two new iPhones are continuations of last years iPhone X with a few important upgrades.

The first and most important upgrade is the new A12 Bionic chip. The new chip features a 7-nanometer process which means its much more efficient in a smaller space. This chip is the main reason for many of the iPhone XS and XS max’s new features.

The first of these new features is the new face ID which runs on the chips new neural engine which enables it to scan your face and unlocks the phone faster than last years version. Using the A12 in combination with the cameras results in AR (Augmented reality). While they do say this is mainly for games to be more immersive on the iPhone, they added a measuring app to measure items using AR.

What Apple was most proud of about the iPhone XS max is the screen, saying that it the best screen they have ever made for an iPhone. The screen is also the biggest they have ever made coming in at six point five inches resulting in a better movie and video viewing experience except for the controversial notch that still covers part of the screen.

However, the announcement that may matter the most for the average consumer is Apple’s Budget phone the iPhone XR. The main attraction about this phone is its price compared to the other two iPhones which are $750,” I don’t really care how much it is” sophomore Makonnen Mekonnen said. “ I’m just going to stick with my old phone.”

However, to have an iPhone be this cheap sacrifices had to be made. It’s screen is LCD not OLED, unlike the XS and XS max resulting in less battery efficiency and less color accuracy. It is less water resistant than the other two and only has one camera again unlike the other two meaning photos that do not look as good. Other than those compromises all of the other features are exactly the same.

The iPhone XS and XS max are available for preorder and go on sale on Sept 21. The budget iPhone XR is also available for preorder and will go on sale on Oct. 26.