IT: 27 Years Later


Henry Hoang, Entertainment Editor

A clown film has hit the theaters once again. IT: Chapter 2, the sequel to the first movie IT (2017), portrays more of a childish scare rather than the first movie, which horrified viewers.

For the first movie, there was a lot of potential on the spin of the 1986 novel, and it absolutely killed it.
The second movie is different from the first due to how it takes place 27 years later when they’re adults now.
The clown, Pennywise, comes back and is feeding on little kids again.

In the first movie, the seven kids made a pact that if IT came back, they would come back no matter where they are.
This plays a big role in how the second movie was not that scary. Most critics think that the scares have gotten weaker when comparing both movies.

Also, most of the movie depends on the CGI of the movie and if anything, many of the jumpscares were just freaky, not scary.

“It wasn’t even that scary for me,” junior Isabella Rodas said. “I mean it was pretty funny, but the movie was lacking the jumpscares that got me in the first movie. I mean, in all, the movie wasn’t as terrible. But, if I could’ve spent my $13 on the ticket somewhere else, I would’ve.”

Tim Curry played the evil clown in the 1990 movie, while Bill Skarsgård played the newer version of the clown in the 2017 and the 2019 movie sequel.

Some people may say that the older version was better, while others may think that the newer versions are better, but we can agree that all of the movies have the same plot and characters.

“I didn’t like Curry as the old clown,” senior Jonathan De-Leon said. “I watched all of the movies, but I think Bill played the role excellently.”

The second movie has already made $185 million in two days, and is likely to be catching up to the first movie’s gross of $700 million.

“The movie was 10/10 and I love the whole idea of it. I was super terrified by all the jump scares,” junior Najma Abikar said. “There were also so many jokes in the movie, so I also did have a good laugh. I would definitely watch again, and totally worth the 3 hours!”

Chapter 2 coming back with everyone from the “Losers Club” gives everyone a nostalgic type of feeling. This is because everyone is all grown up now.

Some movie critics may love the movie and some may hate it. But, in the end, It: Chapter Two is a horror-film tragedy, though not all students see it this way.

“Scary movies have been my favorite when I was growing up. I really liked the thrill and adrenaline rush I get from it,” sophomore Nawal Abikar said. “All the actors are super talented and really brought this movie to life even though it’s the third movie.”

The movie IT: Chapter 2, is a big contrast to the first movie, but like the first one, it knocked some viewers off their seat.

“The movie for me, was scary at times but pretty much animated the whole time,” senior Kevin Calix said. “I just hope if there’s another one, it’ll be scarier than this one.”