The Falcon and The Winter Soldier starts strong


Only two weeks after the finale of the critically acclaimed, Wandavison, Disney+ began the debut of its second Marvel show.
Released Mar. 19, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier shines the light on the two side characters of Captain America a few months after Avengers Endgame.
The first episode dives right into the life of the two characters. Once again reminded of the quick high-budget action scenes, which Marvel is famously known for.
Sam Willson (The Falcon) is seen still fulfilling his duties as a hero as he takes on a mission for the U.S. Air Force. Soaring the skies, dodging missiles and bullets trying to save a military captain who was captured by a group called LAF.
It was nostalgic seeing the classic Marvel action and fighting choreography. However, high intense actions often bring high amounts of CGI.
“I liked the fast-paced action, but some of the flying scenes had some bad quality,” Mitchell Huynh said.
After saving the day, Sam goes to Washington D.C. deciding he is not the fit for the role, Sam donates Captain America’s shield to the Smithsonian museum.
The scene disappointed me as I was hopeful The Falcon would carry on Steven Rodger’s legacy and become the next Captain America. Although, it brought me joy that Sam is still out there helping the world.
As for Bucky (The Winter Soldier), the viewers are thrown into a flashback where he breaks through walls, murdering security guards, and kills a civilian attempting to run-away.
This memory haunts Bucky as the camera shows him waking up from this nightmare.
The scene switches to Bucky in a room speaking to a therapist. The dialogue between the two is filled with witty banter as Bucky avoids discussing his nightmare.
Bucky’s troubles are finally seen with a close-up as he explains how all his life he has been fighting and rarely has ever had peace.
As Bucky sets out in the real world he befriends Yori, an old man Japanese man in grief who misses his son who was mysteriously killed years ago.
Sadly enough the reasoning behind Yori’s name in Bucky’s book of amends is that the civilian who he murdered in the memory was Yori’s son.
Previously, we mainly see Bucky as Captain America’s friend or a stone-cold villain.
However, the viewer sees a new vulnerable, and lonely side of Bucky as he no longer has his best friend.
The show revolves first hand the influence of Captain America’s absence has on Bucky and Sam.
After the series fashionably introduces each character, the hidden reality of being a hero is revealed.
Sam heads out to Lousianna to help out his sister Sarah with the family business.
As Sam tries to receive a loan to help out the business, surprisingly enough, the viewers learn that the Avengers don’t get paid.
“It’s crazy how the Falcon was out saving the fate of the universe but never made money and is practically broke,” Timothy Su said.
As Sam struggles to adjust to the real world, his friend Lieutenant Torres shows him that there’s a new villain on the horizon. A group called the “Flag-smasher” enjoyed how things were before the blip and half the population was gone.
However, this is quickly sidetracked as Sarah tells Sam to turn to the news where the new Captain America is unveiled.
Somewhat hilarious to see a Walmart-looking Captain America appear, the show leaves everyone curious about who this man is and he plans to take over the distinct role of Captain America.
For fans looking for their dose of classic marvel storytelling, I recommend tuning in this Friday, for the next episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.