Pregnancy does take two to tango

A majority of today’s society has quite a one sided view about teenage pregnancy. In a society such as today’s, it seems to be more common and the blame seems to be mostly brought upon the soon-to-be teenage mother.

It made me think: does there seem to be a double standard for girls when the teenage father is as much at fault?

This thought can be traced back through history. From the earliest time, women had the sole responsibility of taking care of the family and the household while the husband went off to work.

These ways did not really start to change until years after women’s suffrage came into being and women fought for their equal rights to work.
Women did not want to be known for just living in the household and being mothers anymore.

But, in many cultures these ways still continue today and the thought of “male superiority” still exists within modern society.

Maybe its that women can be considered “stuck” with the baby that makes them more to blame to some teenagers and adults. After all, it is much easier to notice that a girl has gotten pregnant rather than noticing the boy that has gotten her pregnant, especially when there hasn’t been a marriage to show both spouses responsible.

“A guy could have used protection just as easily as a girl could have said no,” said freshman Brody El-Achi, “they are both solely to blame.”

Most societies would agree that it is wrong for teenage girls or any woman to become pregnant before marriage.

I, myself, believe that it is not favorable to be a mother when you are still a child yourself who has not yet experienced their life.

And while a lot of teenage girls who become pregnant do not have the support of  their family, friends or the father of their child, the added pressure of being noticeably pregnant can make it even harder for a girl to continue with her life.

With no support, a teenage girl can become sullen and shut out of a life where she had once belonged.

I am not saying that a teenage girl who becomes pregnant is not to blame, but it does take two to tango and it takes two to make a baby.

I only ask that more teens today become more aware that while the girl may carry and deliver the baby, the boy is part of carrying and delivering the cause.