North Korea deserves consequences for its action


In Asia, mainly South Korea, the nations have been alerted by the recent, unknown attack on South Korean warship.

The attack was taken at Cheonan city area, located in the northeast corner of Southern Chungcheong, leaving 46 casualties of honorable sailors.

More than fifty years ago, the North and South Korean conflict had ended with an armistice agreement, but the North continued contravening the agreement and proceeded threats.

Today, N. Korea is known by its continual “provocative behavior” since the division of a nation in 1950.

For the past few years, N. Korea has terrorized the world with its nuclear bomb threats.

In 2006, N. Korea launched a missile in Taedong River, which could have possibly reached the West Coast of the U.S.

While N. Korea, a suspect of the attack, firmly denies that it attacked the S. Korean sailors, it had become clear today that the action was taken by it.

Ironically, S. Korea and other international communities have been working for years to benefit N. Korea by attempting to liberate the citizens in a communist government and to stimulate their “impoverished,” economy, without even having credible information on its economy.

Now, however, it only seems that we have provided them enough resource to build nuclear weapons to threaten us.

The United Nations and other international community must take a serious action before the N. Korean issue becomes incorrigible.

At the moment, N. Korea is willing to test their weapons at anytime without warning. Many nations and citizens feel strongly unpleasant and fearful of such attitude.

N. Korea deserves consequences for its actions of violating the agreement, and there must be a conclusion to the extended North and South dispute.

The question is: De we have enough power to defeat the North Korea?

Threats are continuously made and N. Korea’s militancy shows its invulnerability.

N. Korea has closed its door since 1950s to secure itself from other nations. And until today, the nation is surrounded with mystery and most of its plans are being conducted in extensive secrecy.

The international community ought to make wise decision regarding N. Korea’s recent attack on S. Korean submarine to prevent future recurrence.

As of right now, N. Korea’s plans and economy are unpredictable, so is its military strength.

Before N. Korea advances more and becomes the world power, the United States andthe allied international community should halt any actions that are benefiting N. Korea and implement just consequences.

In the worst case, declaring a war can be one of the options.