Beach week loses popularity

Students choosing other summer activities


Beach week is the ultimate ritual of a high school senior after graduation.

During beach week, seniors are supposed to plan out a week of fun at a beach house with their friends to celebrate graduation.

Seniors rent a beach house and split the cost with a group of friends to make it more affordable.

However, in the past couple of years, beach week’s popularity has decreased.

Many factors have contributed to the decrease, including affordability, strict parents and the loss of interests.

“I personally don’t think it’s as popular because I think friends are more likely to choose their own alternative if beach week isn’t for them,” senior Rebecca Soulen said.

For some people, going to beach week isn’t the highlight of their senior year and they would rather spend their time doing other meaningful activities.

“I’m not going to beach week because I’m going on a mission trip with my church to Brazil,” Soulen said. “I never even contemplated the typical beach week because it doesn’t appeal to me, but I jumped at the chance to go with my church because I love them so much.”

Despite most students not participating in the event, some students are thinking about it and continue to think it is an important ritual.

Senior Brian Uglietta is participating in beach week with a few of his friends this summer after graduation. He says he is going because, “I want to celebrate finally graduating high school and have fun with close friends of mine on the beach.”

However, many parents are skeptical and unwilling to let their teens spend a week without any supervision.

Senior Brooke Thadeus had to miss out on the week because of college orientation.

“Parents are always hesitant. They eventually realize once kids start getting into college, they are more lenient” said Thadeus.

Not only are parents scared for safety, but the expenses as well. Beach week can cost hundreds of dollars per student.

“There can be a lot of expenses with food and necessities needed, but I believe it’s worth it” Uglietta said.