Should people keep playing Pokemon Go? -Yes

Kimberly Laura, In- Depth Editor

It was just a typical, hot summer with kids staying inside taking advantage of the Air Conditioning on full blast. Then, on the fateful day of July 6th, 2016, the world was never the same. Instantly, the app store was overwhelmed with the massive demand of the newly released game, Pokemon Go.

Next thing you know,  every corner of social media is covered with Niantic, Inc. successful mobile game and the events that it brought.

Kids have been out and about visiting different sites, parks, gardens, neighborhoods and stores trying ‘to be the best like no one ever was’ . . . just like everyone else. Yes, there are some beneficial things that came out of this addictive game, but there has been a good amount of bad things as well.

A fair amount of players like to take the easy way out and collect supplies when passing Poke Stops during car rides. In an update, if the player is moving very fast, they ask if they are a passenger.

However, this warning does not refrain drivers from checking their phone. According to the Wall Street Journal, the first Pokemon Go related accident in Japan happened in in late August.

A car crashed into two women killing one and injuring the other, as the driver was playing the mobile game. Moreover, a camera caught a Baltimore man crashing his car into a police car while playing and driving, says USA Today.

Not only is there danger on the road but in the streets as well.

“It’s addictive. When you play Pokemon Go, you can’t let it go. It can leave you vulnerable,” junior Yeison Shultz said.

Players attention, eyes and focus are glued to the screen that their surroundings are of no importance.

According to USA Today, a teenage girl and her friend were attacked in California while out looking for Pokemon at 2 a.m. There have been numerous reports of other robberies, attacks and crimes as well.

A few players don’t let anything stop them from getting that snorlax, not even the law. Trespassing has been an issue with reports of players going into unfamiliar neighborhoods and backyards. In another update, the game inserted a message reminding players not to trespass into areas.

Also, there are ethical concerns in public areas. Just about every church is a Poke-Stop or gym which are visited daily by players.

At museums, memorials, cemeteries and churches, some players are disrespectful on the premises and can be a disturbance to guests. In Indonesia, Pokemon Go players are permitted from entering the presidential palace, as it is seen as disrespectful.

“I think Pokemon Go is a fun activity to do as long as you know when and where to do it. You don’t want to do it in an inappropriate place, which is why it’s been banned in Arlington Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum,” Mrs. Crane, Chemistry teacher said.

Additionally, the game may be free, but there are players who spend their personal money to upgrade their profile.

Pokemon GO is played for entertainment, just like any other game, but players have taken the game too far and has become an unhealthy addiction. To those who play Pokemon Go, have fun but be courteous to those around you and listen to the warning pop ups the game tells you while playing. Aldditionally, just because you “gotta catch ’em all” doesn’ t mean you need to.