AHS Favors Clinton


About 185 students were counted in classrooms during W4 on Sept. 29 about who they favor in this year's Presentational Election

Yabi Bereket, Staff Writer

A survey was taken to find out what Annadale has to say about the presidential race, and who they think will win.

Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and Stein are the last four candidates running in the 2016 presidential race.

It’s pretty evident that the win will come down to either Trump or Clinton, but there is really no saying on who’s going to make it to the finish line first.

Both Clinton and Trump have recognition to their names for past performances: Trump being the billionaire businessman of his handed down company from his father,

The Trump Organization, and Clinton being the first lady and the 67th Secretary of State. Johnson founded one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico, and with his past as being the governor of New Mexico, he already has a boost over Trump.

Stein was governor of Massachusetts and is the representative for the Green Party.

When students were asked who they would vote for, 10 percent said they’d want Johnson, 65 percent said Clinton, 10 percent said they want Trump, and 13 percent said they would vote for Stein.

With Stein having a higher popularity than Trump, it comes as a wake up call to everyone one: Trump is not in favor at AHS.

Although what these candidates intend for America is to be of a benefit, there is no sure answer on who will win the race.

Trump and Clinton, although well known, have secrets hidden which could truly make or break their reputation. Last week, Trump made a statement at the National Debate,”I will release my tax returns once she releases her emails., relating back to the email scandal of Clinton which was first discovered March of last year.

Trump definitely takes the lead of being seen as the joke of the election.

“His plans are insane, and are unlikely to even happen.” says freshmen Hemen Besufekad.

The economy is a topic which is debated about non stop, since it is either on the rise, or facing a major downfall.

“He knows a lot about money, so obviously, he’s gonna end up making a lot of money for our country.”said junior Jack Mccrossin.

It is clear what the population of Annandale says, but all of America is still waiting and anticipating the severe month of November, to find out who will be the the 45th president of the United States.