Should teens get tattoos? -No

Kimberly Laura, In-Depth Editor

As teenagers, the way we dress can reflect who we are, and creates a first impression. 

It can be putting all our efforts to look the nice, or just not caring how we look, our appearance is our facade.

 Tattoos are a form of art that is expressed on the human body. People with tattoos shouldn’t be judged or seen differently but many will still judge regardless.

Unfortunately, many people take appearances as a way of assuming one’s personality since it usually reflects  who we are, but that isn’t always the case.

Tattoos, being one of the more permanent versions of self expression, are used to convey one’s mind.

 Typically, tattoos are given a bad connotation because it is affiliated with a dangerous vibe.

Unconsciously, when we see someone with a tattoo, some could see them as intimidating or unprofessional. 

In our modern society,  tattoos are gradually becoming more acceptable, but there are many factors contributing to why tattoos aren’t as lovely as a design.

In order for the tattoo to be permanent, the needle must reach into your second layer of skin, the dermis. 

According to The Guardian, the tattoo’s ink is injected into the living tissues, immune cells, nerves and blood vessels. 

Despite this painful process, if you are unfortunate and get your tattoo done at a place with unclean needles, the consequences are dire.

Side effects of contaminated ink may include a possible allergic reaction to ink, scarring, redness, swelling, skin irritation and fatal blood infections. If this information makes your skin crawl, then there’s more negative impacts tattoos have.

Tattoos could also be a problem  when applying for a job. It also depends on the dress policy the workplace you are applying to has. 

All of these negative impacts are determined by the content and size of the tattoo. 

If someone changes their mind about their tattoo, it is possible to have it removed with laser technology. Although that is easier said than done. It is expensive and will not remove the tattoo completely. 

Having the negative effects of tattoos in mind, it is ultimately up to someone whether to get a tattoo or not. However, getting one as a teenager isn’t the best idea because of our undeveloped ability to make sensible decisions.

“I’d wait until I was more experienced with life,” junior Holly Ramia said. “I would get one in my mid or late 20s because I wouldn’t want to get a tattoo that I’d regret.”

Even though the legal age to get a tattoo is 18, it is possible to get a tattoo earlier with your parent’s permission. However, we should not rush into such an important and permanent decision such as this. We have our whole life ahead of us to decide if a tattoo is what we want.