Prom dress codes have got to go

Kimberly Laura, In-Depth Editor

Prom is right around the corner. In just more than a month away, girls are scrambling to get their glamourous dresses, as guys try to find both a date and suitable suit. In terms are getting ready, girls can have the harder time getting ready. However, you know what else is around the corner during prom? School administrators.

Prom night can surpass school regulations and dress code is one of them.

“Everyone should be able to express themselves and feel confident about what they wear,” senior Mery Licona said, “I should be able to wear whatever I want.”

At prom, the attention of dress codes are more directed towards the girls than guys. Girls could spend weeks to months finding the perfect dress for their special night. Girls can go through the process of trying on piles of dress, still not being satisfied with their dress. The shipping and process of getting a dress can be time consuming and frustrating, but some dresses could conflict with regular school dress code.

“I guess I would be concerned [about dress code at prom]. My dress will be formal,” senior Jasmyn Le said.

“I’m not really concerned about dress codes. I’m concern who will be my partner,” senior Luis Chumpitaz said, “Probably for a girl, but not for men.”

The styles of dresses vary. They could be either too short, reveal stomach or cleavage, show too much skin. However, all these violations could be part of the ideal dress of a girl.

In previous years, dress codes have not been strongly enforced. Typically, dress codes are enforced at school ground dances and occasions, such as homecoming. However, last year’s prom, there were dresses that had slits, short length, and backs showing. Girls who wore ‘revealing’ dresses at last year’s prom did not get in trouble. They enjoyed their night without a remark.

“I’m not really worried about my dress being revealing because this is our time and place to enjoy ourselves. We are seniors and we shouldn’t have to worry about regulations.We are going to leave the school shortly after,” senior Keyla Portillo said, “People shouldn’t worry about others. This is not eighth grade formal. We are young adults and some of us are almost eighteen. We should be free to enjoy ourselves without having any authority watching over us.”

In a few days after Prom, Seniors are going to graduate and leave the school. On their last night as seniors and students of our school, Seniors should be free to embrace the last memories they have as high schoolers, wearing whatever they feel comfortable with and own their night.