Interview Tips

How to nail your job interview!

Kimberly Laura, In-Depth Editor

You enter the building that you hope will be you work location? Your heart jitters a bit wondering what the employers will ask. In a short amount of  time, you have to sell yourself to convince them that you are the most qualified person in the world for that job. So, what do you do? What do you say?

Interviews can be nerve wrecking, whether it’s for: a job, internship or scholarship. Your words and attitude are what determines the outcome.

Junior Kassie Peralta was anxious when she applied to work at Auntie Anne’s last August.

“My job interview was pretty good,” Peralta said. “My boss was pretty laid back and chill. I was really nervous because it was the first time I ever got a job. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was telling myself to calm down and when I was answering the questions I took my time because I realized there was no time limit on the interview.”

Here are four tips to ease your nerves of an interview.



Have everything ready for your interview the night before! This includes having two copies of your resume and a clean outfit ready. Also, have some background information about the company you are applying for. Do your research. The day of your interview should be as stress-free as possible.


Your words

Remember to use professional language during an interview. Don’t use slang words.  It’s a good idea practice by having someone ask you possible questions an employer will ask. This way, you can pre=plan answers and minimize stuttering. When answering questions, just have a casual conversation.


 First impression

Always be 10 minutes early to an interview. Before you enter the location, turn your phone off. When meeting your employers, firmly shake hands with them. Most all, show confidence in your greeting and face.



Depending on the location, dress in accordance. Don’t show too much skin. For women, don’t suffocate your employers with a cloud of perfume. Also, light or no makeup and no jewelry. Don’t drop your smile.Overall, be professional, enthusiastic and be your best self.